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Walls Asia Architects and Interior Designers, the leading architecture firm in Hyderabad, offers innovative and functional residential and commercial design services. With over 12 years of experience, our team provides customized architectural solutions tailored to your needs. Our projects blend creativity with practicality, ensuring spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.

Contact us today for a free consultation and discover why we are the top choice for architectural services in Hyderabad.

Our Architectural Services in Hyderabad

Residential Architects in Hyderabad

Our residential architects in Hyderabad specialize in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing homes tailored to your needs. From private homes and duplexes to villas and high-rise apartments, we design spaces that reflect your style.

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Commercial Architects in Hyderabad

We design innovative commercial spaces that drive business success and enhance user experience. Our expertise includes retail spaces, office layouts, restaurants, hotels, and showrooms, ensuring each project meets your business needs.

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Institutional Architects in Hyderabad

Our expertise extends to designing state-of-the-art institutional buildings that meet all regulatory standards. We provide comprehensive solutions for schools, universities, and other educational institutions.

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Industrial Architects in Hyderabad

We offer comprehensive architectural solutions for industrial projects in Hyderabad, ensuring efficiency and safety. Our designs include factories, warehouses, and production facilities that maximize operational effectiveness.

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Health Architects in Hyderabad

Our health architects create modern, patient-friendly healthcare facilities in Hyderabad that promote well-being. We focus on designing hospitals, clinics, and wellness centers that meet the highest standards of health and safety.

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At Walls Asia, we seamlessly integrate architecture, interior design, engineering, and project management to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions. Our mission is to create productive, visually appealing projects that enhance living experiences. With over a decade of expertise in home and office interior designs, as well as in providing architectural, master planning, and landscape design services according to Vaastu principles, we handle projects ranging from 5 to 100 acres.

Our approach treats each project as a unique challenge, prioritizing every client. Our highly skilled professionals ensure timely completion within budget, turning client visions into reality.

Walls Asia is among the best interior designers and architects in Hyderabad, with branches in Hyderguda and Gachibowli, backed by 12 years of experience.

Our Specialized Services

Free Consultation

A free service covering all types of architectural advice. Contact us to discuss your project and see how we can help as one of the top architecture firms in Hyderabad.


Discover your project timeline with us today. Our efficient project management ensures timely delivery of all projects, making us a preferred choice among architecture firms in Hyderabad.

Architectural Design

We can eliminate any uncertainty surrounding planning consultancy. Our innovative designs set us apart from other architecture firms in Hyderabad.

Building Regulations

Our partner firms help you secure building regulation approval. We ensure compliance with local building codes and standards.

Planning Consultancy

We can eliminate any uncertainty surrounding planning consultancy. Our experienced team navigates complex planning requirements efficiently.

3D Rendering & Virtual Reality

Bring your concept to life with 3D Rendering and Virtual Reality. Experience your designs before they are built, a service offered by few architecture firms in Hyderabad.

Latest Projects

Our Mission: To design and develop the best architecture around the world.

Commercial architecture project in Hyderabad - Kal Informatics - wallsasia

Kal Informatics - Vijayawada

Explore our innovative office design that enhances productivity and modern aesthetics.
Residential building designed by top architecture firm in Hyderabad - Residential Villa Riyadh

Residential Villa - Riyadh

A luxurious residential villa showcasing our expertise in creating beautiful, functional living spaces.
Award-winning architectural design in Hyderabad

Ms Liliana Home Interior Design

View our elegant and modern home interior design project for Ms Liliana, highlighting our ability to transform living spaces.

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Walls Asia Architects and Interior Designers allow you to learn on demand and shape your learning towards a defined career path. We provide opportunities for employees to build a solid foundation of expertise. By offering a wide range of opportunities to meet individual needs, employees can now develop their own growth plans. Line managers have the roadmap to guide them, ensuring you can take charge of learning and improving skills which drive the high performance our organization needs to succeed.