10 Key Kitchen Dimension You Need To Know

The most alluring and gripping area at home is the kitchen. Nothing can be more rejoicing than looking at the kitchen and thinking in one word, it’s amazing. The most traffic section of the house is the kitchen, and so, it is very important to arrange it in a systematic way and make it comfortable. This article is going to help in giving a broad idea of different kitchen dimensions with glittering hopes of Wow Kitchen. Here, are some key kitchen dimensions:

Height of the kitchen cooktop should be according to the complete comfort zone, so that one doesn’t need to exert any pressure on their back. The standard height should be 34 inches. According to thumb rule, there must be a gap of 4 inches between the top of the counter and the elbow when you are standing beside.

The standard depth of the countertop should be 2 feet along with lower cabinets and drawer units, depth may vary according to the size of kitchen appliances or kitchen essentials needed. Everything should be in accordance with clear ensurity of comfort and convenience while working in the kitchen. Depth of an island cooktop should be 4 feet long and 3 feet wide so it can be easy for two people to work together standing at two either sides facing each other.

Cost Estimation

In order to make any project a cost effective one, it is very important to cut down all extra costs required within the projects. For an architect, it is quite a tough task to visualize and meet all project requirements within estimated time taken and budget. Even on an ongoing project, an architect is responsible to verify and confirm that each constraint are actual resemblance of the finalized blueprints.

Distance between the countertop and upper cabinets

Minimum purview or separation between the kitchen countertop and upper cabinets ranges between 24 and 27 inches initially. In order to maintain sufficient distance between countertop and upper cabinets, it is very important to identify the height of kitchen room and accordingly select an appropriate height of upper cabinets.

Depth of overhead cabinets

Depth of overhead cabinets should lie between 12 and 15 inches ,these overhead cabinets are given less depth to prevent from banging their head while working in the kitchen. If one wants to have a refrigerator above overhead cabinets, it should be at least 24 inches deep as per your design in your vision for a sober look.

Distance between stove and chimneys

The clearance between the bottom of the chimney and gas stove should be almost 20 to 36 inches, it will compensate with the performance of the chimney, as it should be cross-checked according to the company manual before installation of the chimney.

Maximum height of microwave

The height of the microwave should be 13 to 18 inches from the countertop, dimensions and height can be done as per convenience in order to increase overall working efficiency. The only thing one needs is to have a proper arrangement for the microwave to install it in a well-furnished kitchen.

Kitchen Sink Clearance

Now-a-days, sinks are designed with drainboards on one side of the sink. There should be a gap of 3 feet on the other side to keep the kitchen clean and arranged. Ultimately, everyone needs an ideal clean kitchen with an aurora of newly chased light of innovation in glory gushed ideas.