4 Problems Faced While Designing Living Space

Designing a living space is a very interesting process, however it comes with certain difficulties that somehow disturbs the processing of any work. Therefore, it requires handful experience in eliminating the associated difficulties that an interior designer faces in designing a living space. There are various problems that are encountered by designers which needs to be eliminated without any residual impact on living space designs.

Following are certain issues that a designer faces in designing living space along with the solutions:4 Problems Faced While Designing Living Space

Space Issue

Space issue is one of the most common issue faced by designers as different individuals have different lifestyle and so, different choices of living spaces make it difficult for designers. Due to differences in lifestyle, the living space is designed in different sizes. A huge space allows designers to perfectly design the spaces but comparatively low space results in reduction of many essentials of living space that brings a huge challenge for designers to design the living space. In order to sort out this problem, the designer needs to opt for selecting the correct size of furniture and many other necessities based on the area of living space. Due to narrow or small size of living space, it becomes very difficult for designers to make it spacious. It is very important for designers to consider small sized necessities in living space like; small height sofas, chairs, TV-sets, etc. Sometimes, designers get confused for designing an excessively big living spaces. However, designers need to focus on filling the living space with necessities as well as decorative items like; display designed walls, variety of flocks of furniture, using different rugs on walls.  

Lack of Storage

Issue of storage in living space is somewhat related to space issue in the living space. Designers of living space have developed unique ideas to get the issue of storage in living space like; utilizing only light weighed products in living space. Designers can also opt for using closed mantelpiece attached with the wall which can increase the storage capacity of light weighed necessities and thereby, increase the overall living space area for storage. Apart from this, designers can also plan to focus on designing the wall corners in order to make it attractive like; planting a decorative trees (Citrus, Conifers, etc.) and adding lights on ceiling corners.

Too much clutter

Less space of living space increases the chances for high clutter of necessities in the living space which results to an inappropriate visuals. Designers are very much aware of this issue and keeping in mind about the gathering or cluttering of general necessities in living space area, various storage capacity is designed to develop required space for each unit placed in the living space. This can directly help the designer to appropriately arrange decorative materials in the living space. Instead of using small artistry, large artistry or handiwork or even solid colours can be used to make the living space appear clean and expressive.

Wall space layout

Designers face a huge difficulty in designing the living space when the number of doors and windows are many as it can directly impact the placement of furniture in the living space. Lesser wall area decreases the options for overcoming the space shortages in the living space and therefore, it becomes a tricky thing to adjust and decorate the living space based on requirements. This issue can be easily solved by designing window seats in window panes and also by designing a storage space around doors in order to fulfil the storage requirements in the living space despite of low wall area. The designer can also opt for decorating the rest of the living room with different handiwork or artwork or using thin leg furniture’s.