Top 5 Architect’s responsibilities

Visualizing the design of buildings or structures even before its foundation as per client requirement is not an easy chore. Designing an entire construction based on client’s requirements is not a Piece of Cake. For a single person, it becomes very difficult to design a complete structure. An Architect is an individual who develops a design or a model by visualizing the overall appearance of the building and structures before its foundation. It can be said that architects are the individuals who can bring life to your dreams by applying your construction requirements into the design or model as per industry standard considering your safety and usability. Life of any construction building, or structure depends on the expertise of an architect.

Following are the top five responsibilities of an architect:

For any construction, the first and foremost step is to plan out the complete design of the construction. Project discussion includes a meeting between a client and an architect. An Architect is responsible to develop a detailed design of any structure or building based on the requirements mentioned by client in project discussion meetings. Project discussion of any construction starts before approval of designs, budget, and site. In a project discussion meeting, the client explains all expected requirements in construction to an architect and therefore, an architect implement all those requirements within its design.

Architects are responsible for drawing a demo design of the construction structure and testing its feasibility. In the construction industry, an architect is liable to provide blueprints of construction projects to clients. In order to develop blueprints of construction, architects prefer to use modern BIM and CAD software and speed up the overall processes in an efficient manner. The final documented blueprints are approved by the client that allows us to estimate the overall project budget and resources.

Cost Estimation

In order to make any project a cost effective one, it is very important to cut down all extra costs required within the projects. For an architect, it is quite a tough task to visualize and meet all project requirements within estimated time taken and budget. Even on an ongoing project, an architect is responsible to verify and confirm that each constraint are actual resemblance of the finalized blueprints.


An architect plays a very important role in suggesting clients to opt for the best designs based on project budget and resources required for project completion. Architects are also responsible for helping his client in negotiating the contract with different contractors specialized in different departments. Other than helping clients, architects are also liable in analyzing all tenders submitted by different contractors and accordingly match it with the client’s budget and expectations.

Construction stage

During the construction phase, an Architect is liable to organize meetings and to visit construction-site at regular intervals make sure the contractor is following the construction as per plans and execution is a perfect match. There are certain designs or structures, which requires permission and approval from a group of authentic architects in order to attain the required target. An architect is responsible to monitor and govern that the approved design is only followed in the construction site.