8 Brilliant Ideas To Make Your Walls Look Fabulous

Are you looking for brilliant ideas to make your walls fabulous? Are you looking for fabulous wall decor ideas which are budget-friendly? Then you are at the right place.

Wall Decorations are more than just a novelty, in addition to aesthetically pleasing visuals, they represent your personality to everyone.

As we focus mainly on Indian house owners, it makes sense to understand how the wall designs are used in India. Unlike in the West, Where it’s pretty common to use wallpapers and other decorative novelties, Indians generally use them only to create accent walls. This aesthetic choice influences the availability, price, and cost-effectiveness in India.

So, Let’s begin with our 8 brilliant ideas to make your walls look fabulous.

1. Use Floral Wallpapers:

Flower wallpapers have been a product expected over many centuries. There is not a part of the world that does not know about floral wallpapers; it is one of these products which we cannot deny its importance and supremacy. The flower symbolizes wisdom, fertility, and life in cultures all over the world. Furthermore, it has become the object of aesthetic pleasure in all societies where it is found in gardens and wild growth in the prairies, fields, and among the forest. People from all over the world decorate their homes with flowered wallpaper to bring happiness and prosperity to their lives

Nowadays, flower wallpapers come in different designs and designs, from large bouquets of flowers to delicate small petals, from bright neon colors to subtle pastel shades. There is a wallpaper for all those in love with flowers, which makes it a great choice to decorate your home. Floral wallpapers also help you to improve your mental health, thanks to their relaxing and natural looks which gives us a sense of comfort.

2. Abstract & 3D Wallpapers:

If you are in search of a budget-friendly, but stylish wall finish, Aesthetic and 3D wallpapers are a great choice. They are offered in various prints, designs, and styles that can blend into any style of home interiors and complete the overall aesthetics of your space. 3D Wallpapers & Aesthetic Wallpapers offer an artistic touch to dull walls. It not only uses up the wall but also styles it, with visually appealing designs. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose a picture that tells your story, a family portrait, or a special moment painted on your walls.

Architects and Interior Designers, prefer Abstract and 3D wallpapers for many good reasons. They are affordable, easy to install, and give your walls an artistic look, your whole wall becomes a canvas with a beautiful painting on it and the list goes on and on.


3. Stone Cladding:

Wall cladding is the process of layering a material onto another material which will create a layer of skin on the walls. The Wall Cladding is available in various types and shapes with different materials, textures and dimensions. Cladding is one of the most commonly used and popular types of wall finishes.

There are different types of stones available for you to choose if you opt for this type of wall trim. Examples include granite, marble, enameled tiles, and glazed tiles. The selection of the stone or tile you use for your home depends on the room where it will be used. They are easily available in a myriad of designs and colors.

If you are looking for a rustic and country-side accent wall, opt for the stone cladding. While the stone cladding for all four walls could make your house a cave, it would be perfect for a single accent wall and a bit of greenery can make it even better.

4. Install Wood Paneling:

One of the main reasons people think about wood panels is their beautiful appearance. The added depth and detail elevate the room in a way that a painted wall simply cannot truly equal. The wide selection of types and finishes allows you to select the right look to make your space really unique.

Panel types like shiplap and beadboard add dimension and texture to a wall. The elevated panels, on the other hand, are ideal for more colonial homes. It adds an elegant touch, without crushing your interiors. You can also choose flat panels for a sleek and polished look, perfect for contemporary interiors.

You can then combine these different types of panels with different types of wood and finishings according to your needs. The dark natural wood finishes like walnut and wenge are excellent to create sophisticated and changing spaces. Anything on the lighter side like white oak wall panels adds a touch of warmth while keeping your spaces bright and welcoming. For something more subtle, painted wooden panels are also a great option. Wooden panels are also highly durable, easy to install, and add insulation to your home.

Wood Paneling

5. Wall Tiles Lasts Longer while giving the same look and feel:

Wall tiles are the most durable item available in the market.  As long as they are properly installed, cleaned, and maintained, they will be as beautiful as when they were installed for years to come.

Tiles are as affordable as can be. The starting price of a tile starts at Rs 25 per square foot in Indian markets and may go up to several hundred, depending on its quality, variety, and type. You could set your budget around your pocket. Tiles also act as a more affordable alternative to expensive materials. If you love marble, but don’t want to use it for its drawbacks, the tiles will come to your rescue. All you have to do is select the ones that look like marble. The same holds true for similar wooden tiles.

wall tiles

6. Use Moldings to give your walls depth:

You can use various methods to update and redesign your home, but the installation of crown moldings is one of the most efficient. While they don’t seem like much, these architectural design pieces can take up a regular room and make it extravagant and inviting to you and your guests. However, this is not the only benefit that crown molding offers a house.

Moldings are a great choice to hide the creases or holes in your house without spending a hefty amount of money and yet give your walls a rich feel. Professionals like Walls Asia always prefer to use moldings in our designs because they give a subtle yet irresistible look to your home. Whether it’s modern or traditional designs, moldings blend in all of them giving you a beautiful home you always desire.

crown moldigs

7. Textured paint:

As the name indicates, Texture paints have a tangible texture that makes a wall pop up.  This paint is very different from all other varieties available since it gives a different tactile sensation to the walls, which makes it more attractive. This paint is primarily used to highlight certain areas and not the whole walls. There are many different techniques that are used by professionals to create such finishings. Some of the techniques used are combing, sponge, sprinkling, and ragging.

Texture paints are primarily water-based paints, and every company that makes them says there are no volatile organic compounds in the product. This paint has a medium to high washing capability and can be used to provide visual effects. 

It gives your home a refreshing feel by highlighting accent walls and the output would be visually appealing, add depth and bring in character to any space. Textured paints add great value if you’re looking for a design that lasts long because textured paint doesn’t come off easily. Textured paints can be a little bit expensive, But when you look at the whole package, it’s worth spending your time and money.

Textured paint

8. Moss walls/planted walls to create the “Green” Effect:

One of the biggest advantages of Moss walls is that they are versatile. You can insert a moss wall in your current interior decoration, either modern or rustic. Do you intend to add a moss wall to your workspace? Then you are making the right choice.

Psychological research indicates that indoor plants and moss walls can increase your productivity. Plants and moss walls help you feel like you are in a natural habitat. Spending time in this type of environment can slow your heart rate and decrease your blood pressure. These stress-reducing effects help increase productivity. Because plants make you feel more relaxed, you can focus on your work more effectively.

Moss walls also reduce noise pollution thanks to their ability to absorb high-frequency sounds and ambient noises. It also helps you to boost productivity and keep moisture stable in a particular area.

Moss walls look stunning in houses too. It gives a clean and natural look which helps you feel more comfortable at your home. Moss walls can hide the holes and patches and are easy to clean and maintain.

moss wall


The walls do not take up a lot of space, but they are the most visible part of your house. The designs and colors on the walls have the potential to change the entire appearance of your home at one time. The time when you only had a variety of color options for your wall is over. With interior firms like Walls Asia, you have a variety of textures, paints, and finishes that give an advantage to your walls.

So, how do you wanna decorate the walls in your home? Let us know in the comments